Elite Karate & Fitness Kids' Classes (Ages 7-12)

Elite Karate & Fitness Elite Karate & Fitness Kids' Classes (Ages 7-12)


While there are many great sports out there for kids, none compare to karate. One major difference between karate and other sports is that everyone participates, regardless of skill level. Karate is as much about instilling positive habits and being respectful as it is about advancing in belt rank. Our kids’ karate classes are about teaching students the value of respecting others, persevering through challenges, and building self-discipline and self-confidence. This atmosphere will help improve students’ athletic ability and help them behave better at home, in the classroom, and with friends.

Here at Elite Karate & Fitness, we are passionate about building a community of young karate who love the sport AND love each other.

Elite Karate & Fitness Elite Karate & Fitness Kids' Classes (Ages 7-12)


At Elite Karate & Fitness, we’re more than a karate school – we’re your home away from home. We want every one of our students to thrive, and we believe that this can only be accomplished if our students are given an environment that promotes growth. Our state-of-the-art facility has a wide range of high-quality equipment, and we are home to an incredible staff that is passionate about teaching karate to students of all ages, and a student base that is dedicated, talented, and eager to welcome new students. When you join Elite Karate & Fitness, you are becoming a part of a family. Students encourage one another, help each other with techniques they may be struggling with, celebrate wins together, and form meaningful friendships.

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